New Official Rules
17 Aug 2019
The Maf Club Corporation continues its work to create a universal set of rules of this ever so popular game. UPDATED RULES OF THE GAME are presented.

Each year leaders of Maf Clubs around the world come together to review and update rules of this ever so popular game of Mafia. Traditionally, the yearly changes occur immediately after the Annual MAF World Cup in Las Vegas.

The main changes are reflected in sections 5.1.3. and 5.3.1. of official MAF RULES AND PHASES. However, the introduction of THE WORST MOVE is the most interesting change in our rules and reflected in section 10. As in the case of THE BEST MOVE, when players get additional points, in the case of THE WORST MOVE players will be penalized by having points subtracted from their score. Please review the UPDATED RULES OF THE GAME accepted by Maf Club Corporation. These new rules must be followed by all tournaments and Maf clubs of the system.